Whether you’re enrolling at the university, going to the CROUS (French student social-services office), visiting an apartment, picking up things to decorate it, having a drink outside a café, reading a book in the Prairie des filtres park or going to see an art exhibition,… Tisséo makes your daily life easier: discover our innovative services and the métro, tram and bus network on your doorstep!

carte Pastel
  carte Pastel

Take advantage of reduced rates!


Young people aged 4 to 19 years old
+ students aged 20-25 years old
Annual: 102€
31 days: 10,20€
10 journeys: 4,10€


up to 34 years old
with a "level-7" grant

Free of charge


Young people aged 20-25 years old
Annual: 153€
31 days: 15,30€
10 journeys: 6,10€


These tickets can also be stored on the MUT student card,
once you have activated the card in a Tisséo Agency (€4 incl. VAT).
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You are entitled to reduced rates for the duration of the school year.
Remember to update your entitlement for the year as soon as you get your student card or student certificate.

There are plenty of different solutions and made-to-measure tickets to meet your needs.
-> Consult the prices.

No more need to queue in the Agency;
plan ahead for the new school year,
and save yourself time and avoid stress by

completing all the formalities online with the e-Agency and the "Pass easy" app.


Go to thee-agence sur

Order your Pastel card in just a few clicks.
Update your entitlement to reduced rates:

Do you already have a public-transport card?

Update your entitlement
to reduced rates:

Make sure you have: your transport card number, your identity document, the other documents required:
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Do you not have one?

Order your Pastel card
and your 1st transport ticket

The app and card enable you to upload and store transport tickets to travel on the métro, tram or buses.

Make sure you have: a passport photo your identity document the other documents required:
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€8 for making the card €2 for delivery


get confirmation of your order and received the card

Within a maximum of 5 DAYS (excluding weekends and public holidays) you will:

Do you already have a public-transport card?

Receive a confirmation email

Do you not have one?

Receive your Pastel card by post


update your card and buy the ticket you want!

Application Pass Easy

Get the app Pass easy to recharge your Pastel card.


Vending machines are available in Metro and Tram stations.

your card is ready for use!

Did you know?

You can benefit from a €5 reduction on your annual VélÔToulouse subscription (€20 instead of €25), an offer that is valid for all Pastel-card holders!

Trains, car sharing, carpooling, park & ride and bicycle parks: the Pastel card lets you store combined transport tickets (CD31 departmental services, regional and national trains, etc.) and take advantage of free services.
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With the « Pass easy » app., reload your Pastel card wherever and whenever you want! Practical tip: You can reload your Pastel card remotely, anytime, anywhere! All the tickets sold in agencies or via automatic dispensers are available on the app.



Accessing and using this service is free of charge.
Transport tickets are available at the usual rates.



Secure payment using your credit card.



You can check how many tickets you, or your family and friends have left. In just a few seconds, by placing your Pastel card against the back of your mobile phone, you can reload it wherever and whenever you want! You no longer need to wait at a ticket dispenser or to go to an agency!

Avec Clubéo, vos trajets se transforment en cadeaux

Stade Toulousain rugby and TFC football matches, movies and previews, holidays in the sun, concerts and festivals, escape games,
restaurants, exhibitions, theatre, special offers, shopping, and more.

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Avec 120€ vous préférez ? payer votre amende pour fraude ou vous acheter une tablette tactile

The answer is obvious, right?

If you travel without a valid ticket, you face a fine of between €70 and €120.

There are plenty of different solutions and prices that cater for everyone on

Ensemble, continuons à remettre les harceleurs à leur place !

Every day, victims, witnesses and Tisséo employees
are fighting back against sexual harassment.